1 Bitcoin equals 2163.42 US Dollar(22 May 2017) Earn Free Bitcoin,Without Investment.

Today i want to introduce with a reliable site which paying last three years, No need any investment. Need to spend some times to earn. 
100000000 Satoshi = 1 Bitcoin. You may earn one Bitcoin one months or tow months or three months. I think, it may six months. After six months, how will be you earn ? After six month you will earn one bitcoin = 2163$. In a month, the calculation is 2163÷6=360$. so per month your earning will be 360$. You should wait to get that amount. Per month how much you earn, the amount will be paid to your bitcoin address or id. Per hour you have to do some job. What to do ?(1) To play a roal,(2) To do a weekly lottery.(3) To a bet.First, You have to open a bitcoin account(if not have), click below to open bitcoin account:CLICK HERE one image will come like below, click on to the sign up:
After than below image will come, fill up it properly. 
 click on register. Go to your email,Verify it.(This process only for them who have not bitcoin id, If you have bitcoin …